Wedding Day Guide

As your wedding photographers, we are here for you. We want to give you the best possible images and memories of your beautiful wedding day. There is sooo much planning that goes into a wedding, so we’ve created this guide from our standpoint to help to make the most of your time and to get the best possible photos. Here’s some quick pointers, but keep in mind we don’t want to dictate every detail of your wedding. In the end, do what makes you happy.

These are some tips that really work, we promise. We’ve been there. We want you to take whatever you can from this guide and use it to make your wedding as amazing as possible!


Getting Ready Spaces

If there is one thing we love the most, it’s tons of beautiful, natural light. Getting ready in a space with windows gives us a lot of natural light to work with. Whether it’s in your own home or a cute AirBnB, finding a naturally well-lit place will give you amazing photos. Seriously, it makes all the difference.

Some other tips :

  • Clearing the clutter out of the room will beforehand will be a huge help. Your photos will look so much better without tons of empty water bottles and McDonalds bags lying around.

  • Having all your details ready makes it easy for us to quickly capture them, and then move on to taking candids of you guys getting ready.

    • Here are some details you should have on hand

      • Bride : invitation, engagement ring, bride and groom wedding bands, jewelry, shoes, hairpiece (veil, flower crown, etc) and the wedding gown. (Make sure the dress is already ironed and ready)

      • Groom : watch, tie, tie clip, cufflinks, and shoes.

  • Consider if you and your fiance can get ready at the same location. If you can do this, there will be less driving time for us and more time for photos! If you do get ready at separate locations, make sure they are no more than 10-15 minutes apart.


Consider going unplugged. Just like your getting ready photos will look better without bottles and bags, your ceremony will look better without devices popping up in every photo. Without devices, we can more easily capture you and your guests emotion during the ceremony. If you’d like, a discreet sign before entering the ceremony venue or a brief announcement from your officiant before getting started should do the trick.

Lighting during the ceremony is also super important. If your ceremony is outside (yay, our fave!), ideally, we want to avoid spotty light and the harsh, unflattering mid-day sun (10am-3pm). If your ceremony is midday, having the sun placed behind the two of you is best. Otherwise, having the ceremony later provides the best lighting.

If you are having your ceremony indoors, you can still have plenty of light flooding in through the windows.

Family Photos

Spending an hour smiling at the camera with every possible combination of family members can be grueling (and exhausting for your face). It’s best to limit family formals to immediate family and keep it simple. If you aren’t sure which combinations you’d like yet, no problemo - we have you covered. We will be sending you an example shot list, so we can have it on hand.

It can be difficult to wrangle the family together if they don’t know ahead of time. Let the family know when they will be needed. We recommend recruiting someone in the fam to round everyone up in good time.

You probably want to share a moment with a lot of your guests, and the reception is the best time for us to capture that. Candids with friends, group shots with a close family, dance battles…you name it!

Couples Photos

What we usually like to do is set aside 20 minutes for couple’s photos right after the family and bridal party portraits after the ceremony. Or if you’re doing a first look, then right after that we’ll take couples portraits. You’ll be a bundle of genuine emotion and that’s what you’ll want to remember.

We also like to set aside a few minutes later in the evening, around sunset, to take advantage of the lighting and grab some intimate couples shots. Sometimes this will mean pulling you out of the reception for about 10-15 minutes. If you would rather party without being interrupted though, we completely understand.


When it comes to the reception, warm ambient lighting (i.e. string lights, candles, etc.) gives you a timeless, intimate and natural look in your images. Colorful uplighting is fun to get down to on the dance floor, but at other times it’s more distracting and unflattering than helpful.

Having talked to your MC/DJ about lighting, entrances, exits and any other special events during the reception means that we’ll capture every moment!


At the end of the day, the guide is here to help. We want you to take whatever helps you to have the best wedding day possible. By no means, do we expect you to view this as law. It’s also not the only resource you have, you’ve got us! Anytime you have a question, we want to help. Shoot us a text or email and we gotchu!

- Jamie & Ryan